Young Researcher Representation

Young Researcher Representation

Young Researcher Representation

Supporting young researchers is essential to reinvigorate the field of Chemical Ecology (CE) and encourage cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and lifelong learning in Europe.

Therefore E-NIICHE places special emphasis on Young Researchers and Investigators (YRIs), who will shape the future of CE in Europe.

During our Action, the planned Workshops, Short-Term Scientific Missions and Training Schools are specifically aimed at being inclusive towards YRIs. Career stage, gender, and country of origin will be balanced when inviting and selecting speakers, attendees and when composing, for example, break-out groups during meetings and workshops. This will help YRIs to increase their knowledge in chemical ecology, develop new skills and give them opportunities to build up collaborations with the different research groups in Europe. An important aim of the Action is to encourage young researchers (including PhD students) to play an instrumental role in CE’s future. E- NICHE’s YRIs will be strongly encouraged to: (a) participate in the Action’s activities, notably the training schools and short-term scientific missions, and (b) become proactive in the Working Groups (WGs).

The YRIs from Inclusiveness Target Countries will be invited to apply for ITC conference grants. Furthermore, E-NICHE will foster public-private collaborations via projects with industrial applications, thereby facilitating access to non-academic job opportunities for YRIs. By connecting with renowned and experienced specialists in the academia and private sectors, YRIs will give a boost to their careers and introduce fresh ideas into CE.


Young Researcher Representative

What can you expect from me?

Julia Katalin Jósvai
Young Researcher Representative

As the Young Researcher Representative, my role is to facilitate your integration into our action. If you have any question, I am here to assist you and guide you through our Action to the field of Chemical Ecology. Do not hesitate to write me, however my first suggestions are the following:

  • Explore our website, which contains a lot of information about our Action and contains the main links to the field of Chemical Ecology.
  • Become a member of our Action by joining any of our Working Groups, especially the one closest to your interest, where you can contribute to achieving its goals.
  • Regularly check our Activities and Grants to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities that can help you progress in your career and sign-up for our newsletter.

As your representative, I would like to also draw your attention to the broader issues that young researchers face regardless of their scientific area. I especially recommend following the actions and events of Young Academic Europe as well as the COST Action ‘ReMo’ which focuses on wellbeing and mental health within academia. By learning from these resources, you can develop soft skills that are essential for your scientific journey.

Am I a Young Researcher and Innovator?

According to the COST rules, YRIs are under the age of 40, therefore our Grants, STSMs, TSs are open first of all for researchers in this age group. However, we recognize that the research career can be challenging and may involve breaks. Therefore, we do not strictly adhere to an age threshold.  

And what if you are more senior? You are the source of expertise and provide the support structure for YRIs. We would be happy to learn from you and hear your advice and ideas on mentoring capacities that we can use to support YRIs in our Action. Without senior researchers, YRIs have no chance to grow up.