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We are pleased to announce a follow up to the February WG 1 meeting to continue our discussion on “Gaps and Constraints in Chemical...
Short Terms Scientific Missions are exchange visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering collaboration between researchers. The aim of an...
To the members of E-NICHE  E-NICHE is pleased to announce the possibility of one or two grants for Young Researchers and Innovators (YRIs) from...
Symposium and workshop on developing a pan-European, chemical ecology database.
WG2 meeting in Athens 8 March 2024: Symposium and workshop on chemical ecology-based ecosystem management.
WG2 meeting in Athens
Some E-NICHE meetings will be organized at the Czech University of Life Science Prague before the ISCE meeting (14th evening to the 19th of...
E-NICHE Meetings
Symposium and workshop on chemical ecology knowledge gaps
Amsterdam Presentation
Symposium and workshop on E-Niche communication strategies
Amsterdam Meeting
Two-day meeting to prepare for the action’s first meetings
Paris Meeting
Kick-off meeting at EU COST center in Brussels.
Two-day meeting during which we revised the proposal, resulting in the final, submitted and awarded version.